You can host a zoom meeting for your class by taking 8 steps.

Step #1- Experience joining and being in a meeting.

You do not need to have an account to join a meeting.  You just need the link.

Step #2- Create an Account.

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Sign Up, It’s Free”
  3. Put in an email address.  It asks for a “work address” but any email address will work. Then click the “Sign Up” button below.
  4. You’ll be taken to a page that says ”

    We’ve sent an email to
    Click the confirmation link in that email to begin using Zoom.”

  5. Click the link in your email inbox.
  6. Create a password.  Make sure to keep it someplace you’ll be able to find it again to log in.


Step #3- Schedule a meeting.

  1. A. Once you are logged in click on “my account”.
  2. B. Click on “Meetings” on the side bar menu to the left.  It’s the second option down.
  3. C. Click on the blue “Schedule a New Meeting Button”
  4. D. Fill out the form that comes up.
    • Topic- “ABF Name” Weekly Meeting
    • Description- “The weekly online meeting for the “Class Name” Class
    • When:  Put in the date and time for your class meeting.
    • Time Zone:  Choose the Eastern Time Zone
    • Select the “Recurring meeting tic box”.  Make the recurrance for the same time as your meeting day and time.
    • Make sure that registration and meeting password are not required.
    • Select “both” for audio
    • Under Meeting Options select only the tic box next to “Enable join before host”.  Leave all the rest blank.
    • Under alternative hosts you can select an assistant teacher or someone else familiar with zoom that also has a zoom account to be a “co-host”.  This could help in managing the meeting.
    • Click Save.

Step #4- Get the link for the meeting and send it to your class.

  1. After you click save the meeting details for the class will appear.
  2. You’ll see a section that says “Invite Attendees”.  Next to it there will be a line that says “Join URL:…….”  To the right of that it says copy invitation.  That URL is the link that you’ll need to send to everyone in your class so that they can join the meeting at the meeting time.  Right click on that link and choose “Copy Link Address”
  3. Go to Shelby Next – and sign in to your account.
  4. Under the “groups” menu select “mass contact”.
  5. In the “Choose Groups” box select your class roll.  “ABF- ‘Class Name’- Class Roll”.
  6. In the body of the email write a message to your class.  Example below:
    • “Dear Class Name,
      With the mandates by local government restricting our gathering we have not had class the last couple of Sundays as you know.  This week we are still not able to gather in person, but we want to try something new to meet digitally.  We are going to use a service called “Zoom” to meet online face to face.  We will meet this upcoming (day) at (time) online.  You can meet with us online by using any internet connected device with a camera and a microphone (like a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer with camera and mic).  Just use that device to click on this link below and follow the on screen directions.Example -“…” – Paste the Join URL hereWhen you click on that link and get into the meeting you’ll be able to be seen and heard.
      This will not be a permanent replacement of the gathering of our class, but will be a good time of connection where we will study God’s Word and share prayer requests with one another.
      Click on the link a few minutes before class time.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me and I’ll get you the help you need.Thanks,
      Teacher Name”

Step #5- Email Ben Jennings your join URL and meeting time.


Step #6- On the day of your meeting, start and host the meeting.

  • Log in to with your credentials.
  • Go to the “meetings” tab in the side bar.
  • Look for your meeting on the list.  Click on the “Start” button next to the meeting you scheduled.
  • Host the meeting.

Step #7- When it is time to start the meeting explain meeting ettiquette for the zoom video conferencing format.

  • Explain that you will be muting all the mics but leaving the ability for people to unmute themselves when they have a question.
  • Explain the raising the hand function to be called on.  You’ll see both of these options in the video below.

Here is a video discussing the controls a host has during the meeting.

Meeting Controls

Step #8- Follow a suggested meeting time and teaching plan.

  • You only have 40 minutes on the basic, free account, so you must use your time wisely.  Below is an example if you were to meet at 9am on Sunday.
    • Greeting and Ettiquite- 9-9:05
    • Teaching Time- 9:05-925
    • Prayer Requests- 9:25-9:40
  • Since we have missed two weeks we are adjusting the lesson plan for the following dates: