Weekly ABF Leaders Update for February 23, 2017

I hope you’re all enjoying this unbelievable weather in February!  Here is the latest regarding our ABF Ministry!

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Fantastic Meeting this Past Sunday- Souls Matter!
We had a fantastic meeting Sunday.  If you were not able to make the meeting you can listen to a recording of the clip below.

In this session we talked about some things we can do on a weekly basis to cultivate a culture of evangelism in your group.  I had a lot of feedback about the meeting with leaders being excited about some of the ideas.  One that I believe people could really gravitate to was the way we can help evaluate where people are at in terms of gospel engagement and helping them get to the next level.  Here they are

Unenaged–  Christians who do not think about gospel engagement or the eternity of others at all.
Soul Conscious–  Christians who are aware that everyone will spend eternity somewhere after they die and think about others in this way.
Inviter– Christians who are willing to invite people they know to a place where they will be exposed to the Gospel.
Testimony– Christians who may not be able to share from God’s Word how someone can be saved, but are able to share what happened to them when they accepted Christ.
Gospel Expression- Christians who are able to share the gospel message using God’s Word in an accurate way.
Apprentice- Christians who are being or have been trained to share the Gospel.
Lifestyle Evangelist- Christians who regularly, effectively share their faith with unbelievers.
Multiplier- Christians who not only share their faith as a lifestyle evangelist but are looking to mentor and encourage other Christians to do the same.

Our ABF’s are the perfect place to help people take steps from one level to the next.  We have 52 hours a year to give a platform not only to teaching and ministering to people, but also engaging people in reaching as well.  We can do this by giving a 3-7 minute amount of time each week to emphasizing reaching  in some way.  From highlighting a tract, to having someone share their salvation testimony, to sharing a testimony of someone who was able to invite someone to church or to share the gospel, to teaching a method of witnessing like the Romans Road, there is always something we can do to highlight the first of our three tasks- reaching people.

One thing I did not communicate at the meeting but want to do today is to express that we will be putting up ideas to emphasize reaching in our classes regularly on our new site for ABF Leaders- cantonbaptistabf.com.  This could be a great resource for you to be able to get ideas for leading your class in this way.

A Resource for Your Reach Time
For those of you who want to get started quickly implimenting a time of reaching emphasis in your class here is a pdf you can use to print out the Romans Road for your class.  This does not have any explanation, but could be used for memorization or just locating those verses in your Bible.  Download the document here- RomansRoad.

Curriculum is in Your Class
Make sure to hand out the personal study guides for our next quarter of study on the second half of the book of Matthew.

2017 Yearly Goals
If you haven’t turned in your goals to me from the last meeting please make sure to do that.

Last Week in Joshua, Judges and Ruth
Check out this video summarizing this last lesson for the quarter.

Cool Links of the Week:
5 Reasons You Should Use Goal Setting in Evangelism

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