Weekly ABF Leader Update for May 5, 2017

People, Space, and Sunday School

Launching new classes is something that we have been doing around CBT for a long time, and I believe it is key to the growth of our church.  To launch a new class you need three things- people to reach, a space to meet in, and a teacher to teach and lead.

Over the last few months we’ve had a new Ladies class that has been lead by Rita Ashton. She and her ladies are doing a great job reaching, teaching and ministering to ladies. In fact, they have filled the conference room where they were meeting and now need a new space to accommodate the new people who are coming.

To help facilitate their growth by giving them more space, the ladies class will be moving to where the Young Adults 2 class is currently meeting. The Young Adults 2 class is actually moving down to the Foyer. Both classes were told last week about the change and are pretty excited about the move.

Why do I tell you all this?

First, because sometimes change can be hard, but change is absolutely necessary for growth. Sometimes, like in this scenario, the change is pretty painless and embraced by everyone, while other times it comes at a cost that can be difficult.

Secondly, to point to an important truth: While we are thankful for the buildings and space that God has given to us, people are more important than our rooms. We don’t want “the shoe to determine the size of the foot” as it were.  We have the space that we do because it’s a tool to help us reach, teach and minister to people.

Finally, I would love to ask you to pray for these two classes as they experience these changes that it will be a great opportunity for them to grow spiritually and numerically. There are many young adults and ladies that need to be reached by these two classes. Let’s pray that God gives them more opportunities to do just that!

Upcoming Meeting

Our monthly leadership meeting will be on May 21, 2017 at 4:15pm in the Peaceful Harbor Room. Please make plans to be there.  Also, take some time to encourage your team to be there as well.  We’ll be talking about some ideas your leadership team can do to make the most of summer in your class.  Your leadership team will be able to have some time to work together so you’ll want them there.

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Thanks for all you do!
Ben Jennings

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