Video Summary- Isaiah Session 10- Isaiah 49:1-7


Isaiah Session 10

Subject: Mission

Central Theme: Revealing of Christ’s Mission

Objective Statement:

We can have confidence in Christ’s Mission to the Nations by seeing three aspects of His mission revealed in Isaiah 49:1-7.

1. The Parties of the Mission (v.1-7)

  • Gentiles
  • God the Father
  • The Servant/Messiah
  • Israel

2. The Servant of the Mission (v.1-5)

  • Called (v.1)
  • Concealed (v.2-3)
  • Commissioned (v.4-5)

3. The Purpose of the Mission (v.5-7)

  • Restoration of Israel (v.5-6)
  • Salvation of the Nations (v.6)
  • Worship of God (v.7)

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