Shelby Next Training

Access the Shelby Next Database for Canton Baptist Temple:

Email me if you have forgotten or never received your credentials for Shelby Next. –


Using Shelby Next on your Mobile Phone:

Below are the topics covered in the mobile app training and the time in the video where that topic is covered.

Downloading the App to your phone: 0:36

Logging In: 1:10

Individual Search and Profile Page: 2:16

Groups: 4:10

Logging Interactions: 4:49

Taking Attendance: 6:24

Mass Contact/Emailing Your Group: 7:28

Assigning and Completing Assigned Interactions on Shelby Next Mobile


Viewing Your Group in Shelby Next Desktop:

Every class in Shelby Next has at least 4 Groups with this naming convention:

ABF- “Class Name”- Class Roll
ABF- “Class Name”- Guests
ABF- “Class Name”- Prospects
ABF- “Class Name”- Inactive

Those classes that have their classes organized into care groups will have groups that look like this:

ABF- “Class Name”- “CG Leader Name”

You can access you group by clicking Groups > List> and then selecting the group you wish to view.  In the example below, the class roll for the young adults class.



Taking Attendance:

how to Email:


Logging Interactions:

If you would like to submit an interaction you had with someone without logging in, you can do so by going to this link, also found under the “reporting” menu on this site: