September ABF & Student Leadership Meeting


The Neighborhood Missions Trip Campaign

Take a trip across the street!

October and November 2019

The Neighborhood Missions Trip Campaign Meeting Agenda

You can partner with your class to impact your neighborhood by taking 3 deliberate actions:

  1. Identify
    • Create a prayer list on this Neighborhood Missions Trip Prayer List Card.
    • Pray daily for your identified neighbors.
    • Pray for all of your class member’s identified neighbors each week during class time.
  2. Invest
    • Do something kind to introduce yourself to the neighbor(s) you have never met. For example, take them a gift or baked good to get the opportunity to meet them.
    • For the neighbor(s) you already know, do something kind to invest in your relationship. Some sort of hospitality, act of service, or act of kindness could be ways to invest.
  3. Invite
    • Once you have identified them in prayer, and invested in your relationship with them, take the opportunity to invite them in one or both of the following ways:
      • Invite them to our Adult Bible Fellowships/Sunday School and Worship Services.
      • Invite them to Jesus Christ.

Key Dates:

  • September 22- Introduction to Leaders
  • Identify and Invest Phase-   October 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th
    • During Class:
      • Distribute the Neighborhood Missions Trip Prayer List Card
      • Introduce the Neighborhood Missions Trip Prayer List Card
      • Give your neighborhood missions trip testimony.
      • Ask for testimonies from the class of how it is going.
      • Collect the names from the NMT Neighborhood Missions Trip Prayer List Card
      • Take some time to break up in groups or pray individually for their neighbors.
    • Make a plan for ways to encourage your particular class in identifying, investing and inviting.
      • Breakfast each week?
      • Friday nights for Neighborhood Missions Experiences?
  • Invitation Phase- Launch on October 27 and continues to November 24.
    • Announce your classes’ plan for the invite stage.
    • Pass Out Invitations and Tracts for the Invite Stage
    • Be welcoming to visitors and have a plan for follow up.

Discussion Time:

  1. Take some time as a group to write down 3-4 names in your neighborhood.





2. Discuss class specific plans for the campaign.

3. Review your Attendance (By Session) report and plan ministry that needs to take place.

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