Regrouping, Staying Connected, New App and More

Greetings ABF and Student Ministry Leaders,

Regathering and Regrouping Going Well

It has been encouraging to being to see so many coming back on campus the last few weeks. The Wednesday night regathering is also moving forward.  We’ve definitely had less attendance on Wednesdays, but we are making progress in being able to see people face to face.  As Pastor Frazier has said repeatedly, this is a temporary measure until we can get back to Sunday mornings.

The Importance of Staying Connected and Our Current Reality

Even with the great response we are having half of the attendance in classes and 3/4ths of the attendance on Sunday mornings than we did before the pandemic.  This means that there are many people who are having very limited connection to any people in our church.

  • Teachers, could you take a few minutes this weekend to review your attendance?  I have instructed Trisha Lechner to send out a separate email to each teacher with the latest attendance by session report.  You’ll be getting those emails this week.  Email me to schedule a phone call if you need help with this.
  • Care Group Leaders, could you please review your group and make calls, texts or emails this week?  Here is a link to a video on how to use the Shelby Next app to do this.   You can also find more training on using Shelby Next on our leadership training site:  com/shelbynext.

New Church App

I want you to know about a new resource for our members and attenders.  You find the app in the Apple App Store  (for iphones and ipads) and the Google Play Store (for Android Phones and Tablets).  On the app you’ll find some great information such as…

  • Announcements
  • A form Prayer Request
  • Connection Card
  • Contact Report Form
  • Sermon Videos

When you have the chance, take some time to download it and also share this with your class when you can.


Lesson Schedule and Resources

I believe everyone has finished up Romans and now we are moving into Proverbs.  Here are some resources for upcoming lessons found on

In Christ,

Ben Jennings
Canton Baptist Temple


Contact me if you have any questions:

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