Preparing for Easter- March 2018 ABF and SM Leadership Meeting Content

This is the video link I promised on how to email your class in Touchpoint…


Here is the content from the meeting yesterday!

Click Here for a PDF of Meeting Notes


  • 4 Saved in one week! Week of March 11


  • Current Stats
    • Salvation Year to Date- 10
    • Baptisms Year to date- 5
    • Membership Year to Date- 24
    • Current SS/ABF Enrollment- 1,972
    • Sunday School YTD (June 17- Current)
      • ABF- 604.5
      • SM- 123.1
      • Children 134.2
      • Total- 8
    • Enrollment/Attendance Percentage- 43.8%
  • Information regarding curriculum options.
    • Finalizing the options this week.
    • This will start April 29-May 27

4 Expectations to Make the Most of this Easter as a class!

1. Expect Guests in Class.


  1. Expect Guests in the Service.
  2. Expect Guests to respond to immediate follow up.
  • How do we want them to respond?
    • Enroll in the class.
    • Get saved!
  1. Expect first time in a long time people to get re-connected.
  • Sometimes the best opportunities are not just first time guests, but previous members and attenders that we haven’t seen in quite a while.

The best way to have these expectations is great preparation.

  • Prepare through
  • Prepare through
    • Easter Invites
    • Prospects and Mail Only Lists
    • Email- I’ll be sending out an email with a link for instructions on how to send an email through Touchpoint.

Application/Discussion Questions to Prepare for Easter Sunday:

  • What do we need to do to prepare as a class for Easter Sunday?
  • Who can we get to call the prospect and inactive lists?
    • Prospect List
    • Inactive List
  • Who can we enlist to help with follow up the week after Easter?
  • Who do we need to pray for to come this Easter?

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