Job Description

  • Outreach Leaders ensure that each visitor is greeted, introduced to other class members and made aware of the various church ministries and events. Following the class, Outreach Leaders ensure that each visitor knows the location of the worship auditorium.
  • Outreach Leaders ensure that a contact is made to every worship service visitor who has not attended an ABF class and who is assigned to your class by the church staff.
  • Outreach Leaders communicate weekly with class leadership to help schedule the ministry that needs to be done by the class for the week.
  • Outreach Leaders participate in outreach visitation (GROW).
  • Outreach Leaders train class members in sharing their faith and take them out on visitation.
  • Outreach Leaders recruit class members to participate in outreach visitation (GROW) with a goal of one team per week.
  • Outreach Leaders keep class prospect lists updated and current.

Weekly Tasks

The Outreach Leader can effectively lead their class in outreach by accomplishing 3 tasks every week.

Task #1- Ensure that every guest on their classes’ guest list gets a personal visit within a week of their first attendance.

Every week there are people who come to the services and programs of our church from all walks of life, ages, cultural and church backgrounds.  We believe that if God brought them to our church we have a stewardship of the opportunity that their attendance affords us.  We want to discern what ministry to them should look like (are they saved, baptized, unchurched, seeking, hurting, etc?) and seek to meet the spiritual needs that they have.   It is best that follow up is done within the first few days of their attendance.

To help us follow up on these guests well, we believe that the best group to follow up with each of these individuals are people like them.  Therefore each class has a guest list where guests from our services and from the ABF hour are placed.  This guest list functions as a list that helps us to prioritize a contact to these individuals from someone in the class.  This list will have people that not only have visited your class, but also those who have visited another service throughout the week that could be connected to by your class.

At the website below you will be able to watch videos on how to view your guest list, as well as how to assign an interaction to someone.

Task #2- Manage the prospect list and schedule contacts to be made from that list.

  • Explain how prospects get on the prospect list.

Each class has a prospect list.  People get on this list in 2 main ways.  First, guests who have been followed up on who have not yet been enrolled or begun attending, but may be open to further contacts end up on this list.  Second, names of people who have never been to the church that others know and would like the class to visit and pray for can also be placed on this list.

When someone has been placed on the prospect list from the contact list, we want to give them a week or two, watch their attendance and then schedule a follow up phone call, text, or mail to go to them.  A good excuse for a second contact is an invitation to a class or church event (men’s or women’s events, class parties or activities, etc.).  We don’t want to over-contact them, but we don’t want to visit them once and then never visit them again.  Remember, ministry best happens through the conduit of relationships.

Task #3- Enlist people from the class to help make these contacts.

Because there are potentially new guests and prospects that should be seen each week, the outreach leader helps to promote that activity through their class.  A best practice is to commit the other leaders to a once a month commitment to come to GROW outreach to help fulfill these kinds of tasks.  The outreach leader goes at least monthly to GROW and takes people with them to help involve and train new people in outreach efforts.

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