October 2019 ABF and Student Ministry Leadership Meeting

Meeting Resources:


Neighborhood Missions Trip:  3 Ideas

  1. Identify Idea:  
  • “Who is my neighbor?” sheet
  1. Invest Idea:  
  • “Neighborhood Party Sign Up” Sheet
  1. Invite Idea:  
  • Invitations will be in each class Sunday. Packs of 5
  • Invitations will also be in the hallways along with tracts and other supplies.
  • Points to Website.  Cantonbaptist.org/compass
  • Veterans Day invites.

5 Ways to Make a Guest Feel At Home

1- Expect guests.

When guests arrive, they should not observe a mad scramble for an extra chair, a copy of the literature, or a pen and registration card. Lack of expectation communicates to the guest that they are an inconvenience or disruption. Preparation says, “we were hoping you would come.”

2- Greet guests.

    • Bulletin/Handout Method– The person(s) who hand out the Bulletin and any lesson resources see themselves as connectors and not just doing that task.  If the person does not have a bulletin or a handout we can not assume they’ve been connected with.
    • No Sit Rule for Leaders– This best practice says that teachers, care group leaders, inreach and outreach leaders don’t sit until class begins because they are up talking, fellowshipping with, and engaging people in the class.  They are introducing new people to others and creating an open group culture.

3- Introduce Guests.

For many people, introducing themselves to a group is terrifying, so don’t call new people out in a crowd. Train group members to learn the names and something about the guest they greet and to introduce them to other people in the class.

4- Accompany guests.

Make sure guests know how to find their children or their way to the worship center. Invite them to sit with you for worship. Offering to share a meal with them is always a great way to help people feel at home.

5- Follow up with guests.

    • Get information.  People will give you the information that they are willing to give.  Don’t be afraid to ask them to fill out the guest card.
    • Feel the urgency.  Follow up done 4 weeks later on a guest is not as effective as follow up done within the week of their first attendance.  We want to be wise, and we want to be strategic.
    • Shelby Next for Follow Up– See the Guest List and prospect lists for help with follow up.


  1. How do we want to use any of the three ideas in our class?  (Who is my neighbor? Sheet, Neighborhood Party Sign Up, Invite cards)
  2. How are we doing on dealing with guests in our class?  (Expecting, Greeting, Introducing, Accompanying, and Following Up)
  3. Are there any absentees slipping through the cracks?

Next Meeting: November 17, 2019

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