New Schedule, New Series!

Dear ABF Teachers and Leaders,
Great Things Happening
In the midst of this pandemic some incredible things are happening.  God is blessing our church.
  • Last week a man that had recently been saved called to ask if he could get baptized, and did this Sunday!  5 in total were baptized.  Praise the Lord!
  • A couple of weeks ago we got a voicemail from a lady who said “I’m an atheist, but I think I need to change my ways and come to church.  Can someone please give me a call?”  Last week she prayed to accept Christ!
  • Our children’s ministry has done a fantastic job with VBS teaching kids about the Lord and making our Wednesday night meetings possible.  We have a great children’s ministry!
  • Our attendance has been steady, even increasing some since we have been regathering.  From the reports we are getting around the country our percentages of attenders is well above the average church.
God is so good to us at CBT.  Thank you for your faithfulness to serve, and to minister to those in your class.
New Service and ABF Schedule starting September 13th
We are moving to a new schedule starting on September 13th!  There will be several classes that can begin to meet on Sunday mornings, and some that will be staying on Wednesday evenings at this time.  We will continue to have two mirrored services on Sunday mornings with an ABF Hour in-between at 9am.  Here is the new schedule:
Sunday at 8am
Worship Service
Worship Center
All Ages
Sunday at 9am (no children’s or student ministry at 9am)
Room 280
Something for Monday
Room 130
Activities Building
Women of the Word
Room 241
Come to the Table
Room 270
Vital Signs
Room 265
Room 250
Room 190
Room 199
Room 180
Sunday at 10:15am
Worship Service
Worship Center
All Ages
Nursery 1
Room 140
Age 0-1
Nursery 2
Room 140
Age 1-2
Toddlers 2
Room 120
2 year olds
Preschool 3’s
Room 170
3 year olds
Preschool 4-5’s
Room 150
4 & 5 year olds
Caraway/ 3-4 Praise/
5-6 Worship
Room 210
Wednesdays from 6:45-8pm- Roots!
Room 140
0-2 years old
Room 120
2 year olds
Room 150
Preschool (ages 3-5)
Room 210
Room 210
Wednesdays at 7pm
Middle School
Room 220
High School
Room 240
College & Career
Room 260
Young Adults
Front Foyer (Door A)
Room 110
Midweek Elective
Pastor Frazier
Henniger Ministry
Center- Room 199
New Isaiah Series Starts in September
I’m really excited about the new series starting in our ABF’s on Isaiah.  Teachers, you were sent the curriculum via email and should have also received it in your rooms.  The schedule is in the front of the book as normal.
Here is a link to some resources for the first two lessons:
Please continue to pray for our church, our country,  your class, and our Pastor and staff as we continue to navigate these turbulent times.
Thanks for all you do!
Ben Jennings
Canton Baptist Temple

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