Job Description

  • Inreach Leaders ensure that every member is contacted regularly and coordinate contacts of Care Group leaders
  • Inreach Leaders communicate with the Care Group Leaders each week to schedule the ministry of the class.
  • Inreach Leaders ensure that the special needs of the class members are met through the ministry of the class and or church staff.
  • Inreach Leaders participate in GROW Visitation.
  • Inreach Leaders participate in the Monthly ABF Leadership Meetings.
  • Inreach Leaders stays in contact with Care Group Leaders in order to make sure that they are striving to enroll new students, and making sure that the placement of new students in care groups is accurate.

Weekly Tasks

The In-reach Leader can effectively lead their class to minister to its members by accomplishing 2 tasks every week.

Task #1- Assign the contacts that need to be made via the Attendance (by Session) Report on Sunday Morning.

It is important for people to receive an appropriate amount of ministry, and your class is the primary place where people in our church receive fellowship and ongoing discipleship ministry.  This means that it is key for us to pay attention to class member’s attendance and their ministry needs.

To do this we use a report that is produced in Shelby Next called the Attendance Report (By Session).  (See attached report)

Every Sunday this report will be in your class’s attendance folder.  You, as the inreach leader, will review this report and look for those who are out of their attendance pattern. For example:

  • If someone comes every week and they are gone and you don’t know why, then they need a touch from their care group leader.
  • If someone is gone every other week, they do not need a contact if they are just gone the one time.

The principle is that the person who needs the touch from the care group leader is the person who is in need of ministry because they are out of their attendance pattern or because of a need in their life.

You should mark those who need a contact in two different ways.  First, underline each persons name that needs a phone or text contact by their care group leader.  Second, circle every person that could use a face to face contact either on GROW or by their care group leader.

Turn this report in to the office through the attendance book each Sunday.  Those who are underlined will have care group leader interactions assigned on Monday/Tuesday of the week.  Those who were circled will have a profile report (see attatched) printed out for a visit on GROW.

Task #2- Assign every new enrollee to a care group and care group leader in Shelby Next.

Whenever we follow up on a guest and they give us permission to minister to them, we enroll them into the class by putting their name on a class roll.  We do not wait for the person to come to class to commit to them.  We commit to them so that they will visit the class.

When someone is enrolled in the class their name gets put in a group called “ABF- Class Name- Need Care Group” group.  Whenever this happens the inreach leader and teacher will be notified by email.  We do this because we want every person enrolled into your class to have a care group leader.  The care group leader is a person who is responsible for building a relationship with and caring for this person.  You will want to review the information gathered about this person by examining the interactions done with them, assigning them to a care group and then taking them off of the “need care group” group.  Your care groups have the designation “ABF- Class Name- Lastname”.

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