Job Description

  • Care Group Leaders communicate weekly with the Teacher, Inreach, Outreach Leaders to help determine ministry to those that are enrolled in their specific “Care Group.”
  • Care Group Leaders make sure that “Absentees” receive a phone call, card/letter, email, text with a response back or a personal visit weekly or as needed.
  • Care Group Leaders communicate with Teacher any needs that are made aware during a contact with an absentee (i.e. death in the family, health challenges, etc).
  • Care Group Leaders help schedule visits for people from their “Care Group List.”
  • Care Group Leaders attend GROW at least once a month.
  • Care Group Leaders attend monthly teachers and workers meetings.

Weekly Tasks

Care Group Leaders can effectively minister to their care group by accomplishing 3 tasks every week.

Task #1- Building a relationship with those in your group during and after the 9’oclock hour each week.

Coming to a large church can be overwhelming to people.  It’s easy to get lost in the crowd.  People can be overlooked even in an ABF class.  You as a care group leader can make sure that during and after class time you get to know those who are in your care group.  Some in your group will have been in your class, while others may have been to the church but not to your class.  If they give us permission to minister to them, then you will be given the stewardship of doing just that.  It is a best practice to make sure you speak to each person on your care group in attendance either in your class time or in the worship service each week.

Task #2- Reviewing interactions each week assigned by your Inreach Leader in Shelby Next and then making a relational, meaningful contact to those to whom you are assigned each week.

Every week your class’s In-reach leader will assign you interactions for people in your group.  This will come to your phone in the ShelbyNext App and to your email on Monday or Tuesday of the week.  Please review these on your phone or through the browser on your computer.  When you view the interaction you can see the person’s name, contact information, family in their household, attendance, phone numbers and email addresses.  By clicking on this information in the app you can call them, text them, email them or even open up your maps app to get directions to the house. Remember, ministry best happens through the context of relationships.  You are not a telemarketer nor a truancy officer.  You’re role in making this contact is to build a relational bridge to them so that you can help them stay connected to you, the class, our church and ultimately and most importantly to Christ. Your job is to do exactly what your position says- to care!  Put the care in care group leader.

Task #3- Completing the interaction in Shelby next and communicating relevant information to class or staff leadership.

A stewardship of the ministry that needs to happen to your group means we need accurate and relevant information.  When you make the contact to the person you’ve been assigned make sure to complete the interaction in Shelby Next.  You’ll want to include any information that will help yourself and others minister to them in the future.  If you become aware of a ministry need that you can meet, minister to the persons needs.  If it is beyond your capacity to help, don’t be ashamed.  Please communicate that to other leaders like your teacher or the pastoral staff at the church.  Most of the time a relational contact is all that is needed, and completing the interaction that has been assigned to you is sufficient in terms of communication.