ABF and Student Leadership Meeting for April 2019


  • Communication Workshop
    • It will help you grow in your preparation and delivery of the scripture and really any presentation.
    • It will help you to develop assistant teachers.
    • Please select the option(s) you will be attending: *
      • Option #1 – MONDAY, MAY 13th 1P—8:30P; TUESDAY, MAY 14th 8:30A—8:30P; WEDNESDAY, MAY 15th 8:30A—5P
      • Option #2 – SATURDAY, MAY 18th 9A—4P (LUNCH PROVIDED)
    • Sign up at https://www.cantonbaptistabf.com/communication
  • Information Update Cards
    • Please continue to do these in class each week.
    • It is not uncommon to have on any given Sunday about half of the people your ministering to in a quarter’s time. This is why we’re doing this for 2 months, and we’re just halfway through.  Continue to “make the ask” each week through May.
  • Attendance Headcounts
    • In many of our classes we’re not getting a headcount written down.
    • Below is a picture of what the bottom of your printed roll sheet will look like. This is where you’ll write the names of the guest(s), and total up the members present with the visitors present to give you a total that should match the headcount in the room.
    • Goal- Checked Names (app or paper) + Guest Cards + Names Written Down = Headcount.
  • Next 4 Leadership Meetings- Summer Schedule
    • Wednesday, May 22- 6pm
    • Wednesday, June 19- 6pm
    • Wednesday, July 17- 6pm
    • Wednesday, August 21- 6pm



With Summer coming, the weather changing, and students being out of school, people are ready to get out of the house and get active.  We often emphasize what happens on Sunday in class. We also emphasize ministry outside of class.  Something we haven’t talked much about is the value of doing class fellowships/events/activities from time to time with your class.

I’d like for you to consider doing one if you haven’t done one in a while. I would also like to give you some best practices for making them work well.

5 Reasons to Host A Class Event This Summer

  1. Class events help classes start relationships.
  2. Class events help encourage invitation.
  3. Class events help people assimilate through relationships.
  4. Class events help encourage communication.
  5. Class events help to develop leaders.

4 Best Practices For Hosting An Event

  1. Plan well enough in advance to communicate. Flyer, Email, Social Media.  See my project plan template on todays post at Cantonbaptistabf.org.
  2. Get many people involved. Give them invitations/flyers. Ask people to help.
  3. Follow up on guests.
  4. Communicate with Ben to get it on the church calendar, have help with flyers and GROW, and more.


Click here to download the Event Planning TEMPLATE

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