Job Description

The ABF Teacher is the key leader that ensures that the class is reaching people, teaching people, and ministering to the people in their class.

  • ABF Teachers agree to the “Canton Baptist Temple Ministry Worker’s Commitment.”
  • ABF Teachers nurture a growing relationship with Jesus Christ through daily prayer and personal Bible Study.
  • ABF Teachers commit to pray for the class.
  • ABF Teachers participate in scheduled leadership training and leadership meetings called by the Teacher, Pastor, or Assimilation Pastor.
  • ABF Teachers help to recruit, train, and work with the Class Secretaries, Greeters, Outreach Leader, Inreach Leader, and Care Group Leaders in their class.
  • ABF Teachers participate in GROW Visitation.
  • ABF Teachers prepare weekly to teach the scheduled Bible Lesson, and teach the lesson with the aim of life change and obedience in the lives of the people in their class.  The end and target of their Bible Teaching should be obedience to the Word and not just knowledge of the Word.
  • ABF Teachers look for people who they can equip to teach and lead a Sunday School class.  They find their ultimate goal is to disciple others to do what they are doing in reaching, teaching, and ministering.
  • ABF Teachers constantly look for ways to send members to do ministry throughout the church, and commit to celebrate with the class when leaders are sent from the class to minister in other areas of the Sunday School and Church.

Weekly Ministry

Every ABF Teacher can effectively lead their class and its leadership by accomplishing 3 tasks every week.

Task #1- Preparing and delivering a Biblically accurate and applicable lesson each week.

The proclamation of the scripture is of utmost importance.  What you say about it must rightly divide it for the listener God has entrusted to you.  It also must be obeyed, and so it must be applicable and challenging each week.  This is an important task as you are a steward of God’s Word and an influence of God’s people.  It must be done prayerfully, carefully and skillfully.

Task #2- Communicate with outreach and In-reach leaders to ensure that ever class member, guest and prospect is getting the appropriate ministry.

It has been said “everything rises and falls on leadership”.  Any one leader cannot do all that needs to be done, but for the right things to be done there must be a leader.  Without accountability and training good processes will be abandoned.  It is not the teacher’s job to do all of the processes, but the ministry getting done that needs to be done through your class is highly influenced by your leadership in them.  Communicating with your leadership is key to making sure the appropriate ministry gets done during the week.  People tend to do what you inspect, not what you expect.

Task #3- Exemplify what we need other leaders to do by being involved in ministry beyond the teaching task to those you are trying to lead.

It is unhealthy for the teacher to be the only one ministering in the class.  It is also unhealthy if the teacher is not exemplifying reaching and ministering to the class as well.  A commitment to attend GROW outreach, to help follow up on guests, or to make a call to an absentee goes a long way to help lead others to do the same thing.

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