ABF and Student Ministry Update for Saturday, October 7, 2017


Wow!  Can you believe it?  We’re only three Sundays away from our fall “Battle Ready” Campaign.

That means you have 3 Sundays to help educate and inspire your class to help us reach our goals before it starts on October 29.

Remember the 3 Battle tactics that we said our leadership teams should employ to be Battle Ready:

  • OWN- Own our Battle Objective- No one left behind.
  • ORIENT- Orient your goal around battle effort. Personal, Meaningful Contacts.
  • ORGANIZE- Organize your leadership team for long term battle effectiveness.

Here are some notes to help you lead well.

  • Communication- You’ll be turning in your goals for personal meaningful contacts by October 15th in the ABF Leaders Meeting. This means you’ll want to inspire people in your class over the next 2 weeks (October 8th and 15th) about how many people they think they can invite each week during the campaign.  You’ll want to get an approximate number from them on how many they will commit to invite.  This will be added to your leadership teams efforts to come up with you personal, meaningful contact goals.  I’ve included some talking points below so you can do a good job presenting this idea to your class.
  • Commitment Card– Take commitments in class on the 15th and 22nd with the commitment card that will be provided. Everyone who signs this commitment card and gives it to you will get a “Battle Ready” Dog Tag to help them remember their commitment through the week.  We’ll include both the cards and the dog tags together in your room for the 15th and the 22nd.
  • Prayer- Ask your people to pray about the goals you’ll be setting and about the people who will be connected with and invited over the course of the campaign.
  • Displaying your Goals– Begin to make plans for displaying your goals somewhere in the classroom so that they are visible to everyone.

To help you communicate well to your class about the campaign you can dowload the Battle Ready Memo and Talking Points for Leaders pdf here.  Also it will be printed out and in your class on Sunday.

Ben Jennings

Canton Baptist Temple

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