Weekly Update for Weekend of April 28, 2019

Good morning leaders,


What an incredible Easter weekend we had!  We had 9 saved, 1 come forward for baptism, and 1 make a decision for salvation public.  We more than made our Easter Offering goal for Camp CHOF!  God has used his people to take care of that need out at the camp.  Attendance was good, the music was fantastic, and Pastor’s message was a powerful and clear Gospel presentation.   We have a great church and I’m so thankful to be a part of this local assembly.

Easter Follow Up

We’ve begun to follow up on the over 40 households that we received connection cards about from the weekend, and have had some good responses.  We could use your help, though.  Time is of the essence on following up with the folks that God has brought to us.  Please help us follow up on these folks!  We meet this Saturday at 10am!

Meeting This Sunday

Please make plans to attend the meeting this Sunday at 4pm in the Peaceful Harbor Room.

Communication Workshop Coming Soon– Sign up today!

Do you want to communicate more clearly and powerfully?  Do you want to grow and become more productive in the area of lesson preparation?  If the answer to these question is yes then the Ministry Communication Workshop is for you!

Every Christian Worker should attend this workshop for three reasons:

  1. You will learn to speak in a way that captures your audience’s attention with a memorable presentation that gets the desired outcome.
  2. You will learn to speak confidently in any situation and stay calm with any disruption or schedule change.
  3. You will learn to effectively use gestures and visuals to help your audience get your point.

Please sign up today for 1 of the 2 Workshop options:

  1. Monday, May 13th-Wednesday, May 15th
  2. Saturday, May 18th

You can sign up for one of these two options here: cantonbaptistabf.com/communication


Don’t forget that we have the Martin’s in concert this weekend!


See you Sunday!


Ben Jennings
Our Mission:  Reach. Teach. Minister.
Canton Baptist Temple


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