Weekly Update for Easter Weekend 2019

Good morning leaders,

Keep praying and inviting!

We’ve prayed and we’ve invited and we expect God to do some great things this weekend!  Don’t stop doing those things now.  We’re entering into prime time to invite over the next couple of days.

Guest Reception

By the title of this paragraph I have 2 meanings in mind.  First, if you have guests come with you this weekend please invite them back to our guest reception that we’ll have in the lobby.  It’ll be a great chance to meet our pastor and other leaders. Second, please be on the lookout for guests this weekend in our services and let’s be very friendly in our reception of them.  We don’t want to overwhelm, but we don’t want to ignore either.  Be on the lookout for opportunities to welcome our guests both in the services and in our classes.

Follow Up Next Week!  We need you!

Next week will be prime time for follow up of the guests that God sends are way.  If you can come to GROW or help with this other times as well please make plans to do so.  I believe God will work on Sunday and beyond!  He really does reward our work.

The next ABF and SM Leadership Meeting is on April 28th at 4pm.


Ben Jennings
Canton Baptist Temple

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