Weekly Update for April 21, 2017

Great Easter and Great Follow Up
We had an incredible Easter weekend.   Here are some of the highlights:

  • 2 people being saved during our services
  • 1 couple joining the church
  • 97 year old woman being saved on GROW Outreach
  • Increased attendance overall compared to Easter last year
  • Incredible response in terms of guests attending the services

Our follow up has gone well.  On Tuesday we were able to see many of the guests that came.  There are still many to see.  Here are some hilights from ministry outside the walls of our church this week.

  • On Tuesday we were able to share the gospel with a man who is Hindu that was in the services on Sunday.
  • I got this message yesterday from Jason Ball
    • “I just had the most awesome experience. Bec and I are down here in Amish country for our 22nd anniversary. We were out shopping …. and well to make an over 2 hour story short, we led the 18 year old manager/salesman to Christ! It was AMAZING! It just happened! I can’t wait to tell you, and my class the story. God Bless see you Sunday.”

Thanks so much for all of the inviting and praying that was done over the past few weeks!  Let’s keep praying and seeking the Lord!

Helpful Links from this weeks Blog:

This weekend:  Special Guest Artist Jospeh Habedank with us all day!

He’ll be singing in the worship service and also in the service at 5pm.


Praying for all of us as we reach people, teach people and minister to people!

Ben Jennings

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