Weekly ABF Leader Update for May 13, 2017

The Strategic Opportunity of a Phone for Ministry Leaders

My kids will probably never experience what I experienced with my parents growing up- a landline in our house. They will assume that a cordless phone is what pretty much every phone is or ever has been.

We now live in a culture where most people have at least a phone, and most typically a smartphone in their pocket. There is a real opportunity to stay connected with people and be a blessing to them. Nothing can replace the face-to-face ministry that all of us need at times. But connections made by a simple phone call, text, or email can really help you stay connected with someone so that further ministry can be given.

Most of the connections that need to be made by leaders in our classes can be done using a phone. A care group leader who has already established a face-to-face relationship with someone in their group can further that relationship in between Sunday’s by reaching out with a simple phone call or text.

I was with a young man who has been coming more faithfully to church and has even started discipleship. He told me last night that before he was coming faithfully he had been encouraged that our church cared about him because people in his class had left a note on the door during visitation, and had made phone calls to him.

Let’s take a new look at the tools, like a phone, that God has given to us to reach out, and to minister to people in our groups. And more importantly, let’s actually use these things for His glory to help our ABF’s grow spiritually and numerically.

By the way, if you have a smartphone and a user name on Touchpoint you can use the Touchpoint App to access the numbers of people in your group. You can download that app here for iOS and here fore Android. If you need access or have forgotten your user name and password email me and I’d love to help you.

New Curriculum in Your Classes on Sunday

The Curriculum for the summer of 2017 is here. The Personal Study Guides and Leader Guides will be in your room on Sunday. ABF Teachers, you’ll be getting an email with the digital files available to you in the coming days.

Leadership Meeting

Our monthly leadership meeting will be on May 21, 2017 at 4:15pm in the Peaceful Harbor Room. Please make plans to be there.

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Praying for each of you!

Ben Jennings


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