Update for March 3, 2017

New Website for Leaders
If you haven’t already subscribed to the new ABF Leader Website make sure to do that.  I believe it will be a valuable resource to help you think about, improve and grow your ministries.  Here are some of the things we talked about this week:
Thursday Link of the Week– Evaluating Evangelism
Upcoming Missions Conference
I am really excited about our upcoming missions conference and I hope you are, too.  Please help us in two main ways:
  1. Please really promote the men’s and women’s missions events and purchasing tickets for those events in your classes on Monday.  Tickets are being sold in the Foyer and in the North and South hallways before and after church.
  2. We’ll be combining some classes and having missions speakers in several of our classes.  I’ve already communicated with those teachers and classes that are affected.  If you need to see the schedule please click the following link- Scheduled Missionaries for ABF’s During Missions Conference
March Madness for Sharing and Caring
The Sharing and Caring Cupboard is putting forward a March Madness initiative to help re-stock our Sharing and Caring Food Pantry.  We’re asking many of our classes to bring in some items.  On Sunday there will be flyers in each or your notebooks as well as an announcement so you can inform your class.  You can see what each class is being asked to bring by clicking the following link-  ABF Share and Care March Madness Flyer
ABF Leader Meeting moved to March
Due to our upcoming Missions Conference, our regularly schedule ABF Leader Meeting on the 3rd Sunday will be on the 4th Sunday this month.  Thanks for your flexibility!
Worship Service and Grow Letter Makes a Difference
I was really excited to meet a gentleman this week who received a new move in letter and responded by visiting our worship service.  Please pray that Jack will be back on Sunday!  Also, make sure to seize the opportunity to meet the new people who come to our services.  Appropriate friendliness to both the brand new guest and the long time member can speak volumes of how we care for people.  If you see someone sitting by themselves, go join them!  If you see someone you don’t know, introduce yourself!  Who knows? It may even be a gospel opportunity!
Quarterly Meeting with Each Teacher
I want to be able to spend some one-on-one time before or after church, or even during the week at your convenience with each ABF Teacher.  If we haven’t already done so in 2017 I’ll be getting with you soon to schedule a time.
Thanks for all you do to help us reach, teach and minister in our church!
Ben Jennings
Canton Baptist Temple

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