Teacher Tip Wednesdays- Arrive Early!

I hope you’re enjoying the blog.  I believe it will become a real resource for you as you are part of leading the ABF’s in our church.

On Wednesday’s I plan on regularly having a “Teacher Tip”.  Somtimes it will involve something about actually teaching the lesson, and other times it will just deal with leading the class time in general.

Today’s tip is very simple:  Arrive early!

Why is it important to be at least 20 minutes early for your class time?

  1. Arriving early maximizes the amount of time you have to greet, connect with and minister to your class members.  We’re not just teaching the Bible.  We’re teaching the Bible to people.  Your lesson starts way before your lesson.  As the communicator the lesson starts when the first person arrives!  They are forming opinions and receiving messages about you and from you the moment they enter the room.
  2. Arriving early ensures your prepared so that you can focus on the people.  When I show up to class with just a couple minutes until start time, I’m often trying to get things set up and that takes me away from people.  I’m sure you may be the same way.
  3. Arriving early ensures no guest shows up to an empty room.  It is not a good thing for a guest to show up to an empty room.  Often guests tend to arrive significantly early, or slightly late.  We need to be prepared for them.
  4. Arriving early communicates that you take this time to teach seriously.  Showing up right on time or even late can create the appearance that you’re unprepared.  Arriving early helps to communicate that you’re ready and that you think this time is important.

I know their are extenuating circumstances for some of our teachers.  If you can not arrive early, make sure you have someone there who can do those things for you.  This is great because it gets others involved and ensures everyone gets connected.

We have great teachers at our church! Thank you for all you do!

What are some of the other advantages to arriving early?

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