Stewarding our Guests Well- October Leadership Meeting

Here is the information from our meeting on Sunday.  You can download the information here.

Agenda PDF
Powerpoint PDF

We talked about two main points:

  1. A word on 316 Challenge:
  • Now is not the time to stop emphasizing the challenge.  We are going into our sending phase.
  • Here are 3 things you can do next week to keep momentum going.
    • 1.Communicate with your class some kind of encouraging word about the challenge.
    • 2. Next week make sure you emphasize that Pastor Frazier will be presenting the gospel each week in his messages.
    • 3. Look for stories and testimonies to share to help people to be excited about the challenge and to see it as possible.
  1. A Word on Guests.
  • One of the most important groups of people that we steward is guests.
  • You can help us steward our guests well by taking three specific actions.
  • Action #1- Create a great first impression with class greeters that cooperate with our host team.
    • Today we met with a new group of workers called the “Host Team”.
    • We’ve already had greeters at the door covering the door for some time.
    • This group of leaders will be at each door greeting like the greeters, but will be able to leave the doors to take people to the appropriate class.
    • We spent time today walking each of these new volunteers around the building to show them where each class is located so that they can take new guests to the appropriate room.
    • One of the things that we trained these workers to do is to take them to not only the appropriate room, but to a teacher or greeter in the room.
    • These new leaders will be wearing a lanyards that identify them as part of the team.
    • We’d like for the class greeters to also wear a lanyard as well so that the host team that brings a new guest to your room can know who is prepared to greet them, introduce themselves, and make them feel welcome.
  • Action #2- Host the guest well by intentionality during class time.
    • This will include things like:
      • Introducing them to others in the class.
      • Sitting with them.
      • Getting information from them appropriately.
      • Taking them to the service
      • Offering to have them sit with you in the service.
  • Action #3- Intentionally follow up with guests to discern what ministry to them should look like.
    • There is a window of opportunity for follow up that should not be ignored if we want to be effective.
    • You should not expect the follow up within the week of a guest’s attendance and follow up 6 weeks after a guest’s attendance will produce the same kind of response.
    • What do we want to know about the guest?
      • 1. What is their spiritual condition?
      • 2. Can we get permission to minister to them?
      • If they give us permission to minister to them we commit to them by putting them on our enrollment and giving them a care group leader who gets to know them and who ministers to them.

If we do not take care of what God gives to us, why should we expect that He should give us more?

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