Outreach Tuesday Tip of the Week- Roman’s Road

It’s Tuesday- and that means it’s our day for GROW at CBT.  This past Sunday I met a gentleman who was visiting our church because he received a GROW letter named Jack!  Pray that he’ll be back and that we’ll be able to follow up with him!  We also got to see a family come from Kidfest for the second week in a row who we were able to follow up with on GROW last week.  They were in an ABF class and were able to meet several new people.  Praise the Lord!

Every Tuesday I’ll be posting some outreach/evangelism tip that you can use during your “reaching” time on Sunday in your class.

Today we’re going to start out with something pretty basic.  Do the people in your class know the Romans Road?  It’s a pretty good place to start when it comes to communicating the Gospel.

Why not take a few moments over a few weeks in your class to challenge your class to get familiar with the following scriptures?
Romans 3:23
Romans 6:23
Romans 5:8
Romans 10:9-10, 13.

These certainly aren’t the only scriptures we would use to share our faith, but being familiar with these scriptures are certainly a big step in the right direction for those in our church family who have never shared their faith.

You might be concerned that bringing them up in some of your classes may insult the intelligence of long term Christians in your class.  I believe it would be good to acknowledge that many of them may know the verses very well, but not everyone in your class will.  Encourage them to be thankful that those who don’t know are learning them, and encourage them to share with the lost what they know.

Trish Lechner put together a card for the Hebrews class by Jason Ball’s request so that he could hand these verses out to his class on Sunday.  If you’d like to get that card and use it in your class, you can download it here, or email me and we’ll cut up enough for you to use in your class on Sunday.

Please pray for a great day of outreach across Stark County!

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