Outreach Tuesday: “Making a List”

It’s Tuesday here in Canton and at CBT that means it’s our main day for GROW Outreach!  This is G week and we’re hoping for some great ministry to be done throughout our city today.  If you want to join us we’re going at 10am this morning and 6pm tonight.

On Tuesday’s I want to give our ABF Leaders ideas and tips of how to promote reaching in your classes each Sunday.  Here is an idea for this week.

Make a list!

Of what you might ask?

Make a list of people that your class knows who do not know Christ as Savior.

I got an email this week from an ABF teacher in our church who has done this in their class.  This is what he said:

So last week I challenged them to write down a name of someone to pray for. Keep in mind we only had 30 in class last Sunday so this list will likely grow. We now have a list of 30 names that we can pray for, thats exciting. Tomorrow I am passing this list out to them and tying into “who do you say that I am” and starting each week to work on ideas and ways to encourage and pray for the  people on this list. When God answers their prayers we are going to have a small celebration for that person and hopefully this will create in the class a desire to get involved and become soul winners.

Isn’t that awesome?  Now there is a class in our church who is praying for lost people in an intentional way.  I believe God is going to give them fruit for their labor.

Could you imagine what could happen in our church if all of our ABF classes became that intentional about praying for lost people.  I believe God would do some extraordinary things if we earnestly, passionately prayed for the lost.

You know when people will pray for the lost, invite the lost, and share the gospel with the lost?  When their leaders encourage them to share, teach them to share, pray for them to share and and model sharing the gospel in front of them!

Here is a document that you may be able to use to get your class to think about who they know that does not know Christ:  Who do you know Salvation list

I hope this is an encouragement for you!  Let’s do a great job reaching, teaching and ministering this week!

Ben Jennings
Canton Baptist Temple

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