Outreach Tip of the Week- Testimony

One of the greatest tools the people in our classes have to share the gospel is their testimony!  During a time where you emphasize outreach soon, give the people in your class these questions to help them write out and begin to verbalize their testimony.

What was your life like before coming to faith in Christ?
     -What was important to you?
     -Where were you seeking for joy, satisfaction and purpose?
Where did you first encounter the gospel?
     -Who told you?
     -What did they tell you about the gospel?
     -When did you realize the truth of what they were sharing?
     -When did you get saved?
What is your life like now?
     -How has your life changed since you’ve been saved?
     -Is life perfect or easy now that your saved?  Why or why not?
As people begin to be able to verbalize the gospel, they may find opportunities to do that.  Encourage them to share their testimony with someone in their life!

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