Preparing for Easter! ABF and SM Leadership Meeting for March 2019

Meeting Notes for 3/27/2019

Points of Communication

  • Communication Workshop Flyer and Sign Up Sheet
  • Shelby Next

6 Tools to Use this Easter to help your class grow this Easter!

  • Tool #1- Easter Invitations
  • Tool #2- Special Food or Reason to come in your class on Easter
  • Tool #3- Prospect and Inactive Lists
  • Tool #4- Easter Prospect Prayer List- create a prayer list of lost and unchurched people that your class members know.
  • Tool #5- After Easter follow up.
    • Special Music the week after Easter
    • Class Party/Activity to promote the week of Easter
    • GROW
  • Tool #6- Easter Lesson

Example Game Plan for Making the Most of this Easter Season:


  • Decide what you could do as a class using these potential tools to make the most of Easter.

March 31- 3 Weeks Out:

  • Discuss your plan for Easter with your class.
  • Create a Easter Prospect Prayer List by getting first names from people in your class.
  • Ask for volunteers to help make phone calls to prospects and inactives for your class.

April 7- 2 Weeks Out:

  • Hand out Easter Invitations for people to invite to your class.
  • Begin making phone calls to prospects and inactives inviting them to your class.
  • Distribute Easter Prospect Prayer list to your class so that they can pray inside and outside of class.

April 14- Week Before:

  • Hand out Easter Invitations for people to invite to your class.
  • Pray for Easter Prospect Prayer list in class.
  • Finish calling the prospects and inactives
  • Commit people to be at GROW the week after Easter to help with follow up of guests.

April 21- Easter Sunday

  • Arrive early and make sure to greet guests and make them feel welcome.
  • Make sure to include a clear gospel invitation in the lesson time during your class.
  • Make sure to invite all guests to whatever upcoming activities/plans you have as a class, or at least for the special music the next week.

Week After:

  • Representatives from each class help at GROW or other times to follow up on guests that responded on Sunday.

Questions for Discussion Time

  • Review your attendance by session and latest interaction reports to see what immediate ministry needs to happen in your class.
  • Discuss Easter plans for  your class and make a plan for what could be done in your class this Easter.

Here are some links to the notes:

2019.03.24- Agenda for the Meeting

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