ABF and Student Ministry Leader Update for September 9, 2017

Great contacts this week

You never know who God is going to bring to our church and across your path.  In terms of contacting we had a great week of GROW Visitation.  Here are a couple of those stories.

– Ray and Norma Burkholder had a fantastic visit with a man named James who had come to our church.  He promised to come to the Encouragers and to the church on Sunday.

– There is a young lady that Jonathan Powell and Sean Schratz got to meet in the hallways at church who had come late to the service.  We got to see her on Tuesday evening and it was a great contact.  She is planning on coming every other weekend to our class.

– I had the opportunity to share the gospel with a mom and a daughter who both claim to be agnostic but are seeking.  We got to talk about a lot of their questions.  Sharan and Rachel walked away with The Case for Faith and The Case for a Creator by Lee Strobel..  Later I got an email from Sharan who told me that I gave her a lot to think about and that Rachel is planning on coming on Sundays to our Young Adults Class.

– A lady named Mary had open heart surgery this week.  She heard the gospel on visitation, and was prayed with.  She says she knows Christ but has been out of church a long time.  Pray for her.

– A lady named Ellen has been coming to the Hebrews class for the last few months.  She told the people who visited her on Tuesday morning that she wishes she had started attending CBT years ago because her kids would have been different if they had attended a church like ours.  She said that she is growing a lot at the church.   She heard the gospel as well, and although she says she is saved couldn’t give us a time and a place.  She may be saved, but continue to pray for her if you think about it.

God is bringing these kinds of people to our church every week.  Right now there are opportunities slipping through the cracks because we need more people to help us.  We’ve got to be proactive in following up with people like this and making sure that they have every opportunity to connect to our church and grow.  If you’re not involved or attending our GROW Visitation and Outreach time, why not give an hour a month to help us follow up on people like these?

Sunday School Matters Training Starts Tomorrow at 5pm

This fall we’ll be doing a 12 week session on Sunday nights at 5pm called Sunday School Matters in the Peaceful Harbor Room.  We have invited and have registered a good group and I’m really excited about it.  We’ll be talking about leadership, vision, teaching, souls, organization, ministry, transformation and much more as it relates to Sunday School.  If you are interested or if you know of someone who could grow from coming to a time like this they can register here for the class.

Wednesday Night Study Group for Teachers

We had a fantastic start to our Wednesday night study group.  There were current, assistant and even prospective teachers that were there and we had a great time digging in to God’s Word about this Sunday’s lesson.  We also talked about how we could teach it in our classes, and took time to pray for Sunday.  Please consider attending this study group or letting a prospective or substitute teacher know about it as well.  We meet on Wednesday nights in room 241 (in between the Bridgebuilders and College class.)

Important Meeting next Sunday at 4pm

Our monthly ABF and Student Ministry Leadership meeting starts back next Sunday at 4pm.  Next Sunday is a really important meeting so it’s critical that every teacher, care group leader, outreach and inreach leader be there.  I’ve got some really exciting things to share and you won’t want to miss it.  Please make every effort to be there.

Don’t forget:  Pray for the Guys Guns and Grub event today at Camp CHOF!

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