ABF and Student Ministry Leader Update for September 30, 2017

Don’t give up!

This past Tuesday on GROW we had an awesome door-step visit with a young woman named Mary.  Mary and Josh came for the first time this past Easter and when we made an initial visit with them it was very positive and she said they’d come back again.  She and Josh have a military background so when we decided who their care group leader would be I gave them to Kyle and Jenny in our class since they are former military as well and have that in common.  This past Tuesday was Kyle and Jenny’s first time to go, and so we decided to follow up with Josh and Mary so that they could meet.  I’ll be honest, when we pulled up I wasn’t sure anyone was home and even had doubts as I knocked on the door that someone would answer.  I had prayed Tuesday morning for the visit as well as for Kyle and Jenny to be there.  Long story short, Mary came to the door and had a great connection with us.  She told us she’d recently got her schedule worked out and could come.  She was very open to ministry from us and had even said that they had almost come to one of our class activities that she found out about from a flyer left on her door on a previous visit.  She asked me if we were still inside the front door of the main entrance, remembering what I had told her back after Easter.

As I walked away from the visit I felt ashamed of my doubt. Here’s what I remembered-  Prayer works.  Visitation regularly works when you do the work.  Being proactive and persistent with people works.  We must have faith and believe that God is working in peoples lives and bring them to us.

Leader, keep reaching, teaching, and ministering.  Dont’ give up!

Why not join us as we do the work of the ministry this week on GROW?


Battle Ready Campaign coming soon!

Remember our object:  No man left behind.  We must not let anyone or any gospel opportunity to slip through the cracks.

We’re going to have a successful upcoming campaign as we employ these tactics:

  1. Own our objective- No one left behind.
  2. Orient our goals around personal meaningful contacts.  (Are you talking with your leaders and your class about your goals?)
  3. Organize your class for long term effectiveness.

Here is the link to recording of the my introduction of the campaign and the documentation you need to create and meet our goals.


October Meeting on October 15th

Don’t forget about the meeting on October 15th!  We need each and every teacher, care group leader to be there at 4pm in the Peaceful Harbor room.


Ben Jennings

Canton Baptist Temple

Our Mission:  Reach. Teach. Minister.

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