3 Reasons Group Activities are Good for outreach

It’s really getting nice out weather wise.  I love the spring!  As you think about the next few months in regards to outreach with your class, here are some reasons and ways to make an activity an outreach opportunity for your class:


  • Give you a reason to contact prospects and absentees in your class.  Sometimes it’s easier to make a contact when you have something to invite them to. 
  • Give you a chance to connect with people in a format that is longer than Sunday morning. A typical class time goes pretty quickly. A BBQ at a group members house gives more time for connection and fellowship. 
  • Give your class something to invite their friends to other than class on Sunday morning.  There are some people who are easier to invite to a get together then to church and who are more likely to actually come to something like that. This gives them the opportunity to build a relationship and may act as a bridge from never coming to church to showing up to church at some point.

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